NOW Magazine

MediaCentral aims to unify the nearly 100 million free-thinking readers through the acquisition of independent alternative media newspapers across North America. NOW Magazine is the second property of Media Central Corporation Inc., providing it with access to approximately 25 million annual readers and marking a significant milestone in the Company’s growth and achievements.

MediaCentral intends to preserve the legacy, integrity and magnitude of NOW’s historic influence on the North American media industry while guiding it into its next evolution. The Company plans to enhance NOW through the introduction of new content verticals, and by integrating it with the recently launched cannabis digital platform

According to Vivadata Fall 2019 Canadian Media Usage Survey of November 2019:
"NOW Magazine reaches 510,000 average weekly unique readers in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area with an average household income of $77,471."
"NOW readers are well educated, with 83% of readers reporting post-secondary education."
"NOW is distributed to more than 800 outlets each week, with additional copies going to popular events and festivals."
"Online, according to NOW’s Google Analytics, saw more than 763,000 unique visits in September 2019."
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